November 10, 2014

Yogsquest 2

With the series now concluded and available on the channel, I wanted to just document my involvement with the second series of 'Yogsquest' All of which is right here! Click Meh!

It's a RPing series- this time with a Sci-Fi theme(like a demented Red Dwarf)where the stars of the Yogscast save the galaxy, getting into all kinds of trouble along the way. It's a little salty at times- with adult humour so just a heads up there!

My job was to add some visual elements to the episodes- these were cherry picked and as a freelancer helping out, I worked with the moments I was assigned. Besides pre-existing character designs and some back and forth for re-occuring elements(Like Nic Cage Fuzzykin, what a wonderful creation) I had total freedom to do what I wanted with my bits. That was fantastic and I'm thankful to the creative team in charge for trusting me enough to inject some of my own sense of humour into proceedings. There were plenty of times when I was worried a part wouldn't work but pretty consistently they were open and encouraging for me to try anything.

All in all it was a great job- I think 'Wheels' is the stand out character for me and I was really excited I got assigned to most of his key scenes. I don't know that anything similar to this will come up again for me but I really do think The Yogscast are awesome- they understand the importance of creativity and that comes across not just here, when hiring some guy, but through their entire Network and how they conduct themselves- surrounding each other with like-minded, talented people and letting their creativity flourish for the good of entertainment.

One of the coolest things on this job is the Yogscast fans- particularly those on Tumblr, really seemed to love the series and some of them even loved the parts I worked on- animated gifs and all. So it
has been great to have not ruined something so many people love.

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