May 25, 2014

New Horizons.

This is a quick announcement blog marking that as of today I'm going to stop work on my webcomic Felicity. For the foreseeable future.

I wanted to make this a blog post in case any one was interested in why I've decided to do this as it's for a couple of reasons.

Firstly I want to state how great doing a webcomic is, regardless of where you feel like your skill level is. As a comic artist, I've got everything left to learn but everything I do know; I learnt through the practical experience earned from doing a web comic.

I hate that people don't give webcomics the respect they deserve, I have nothing but admiration for webcomic artists who consistently perform and deliver. It is extremely hard work.
It's often done between jobs, for free and usually by one person doing a teams work. It requires discipline and determination- it takes a lot to give up a well-earned night off just to get another page ready for the following week.

So if you're on the fence about creating a webcomic I would always encourage it because the qualities it will bring out in you make the difference. It can bring so much to the table, it allows you to test ideas and tweak them, to evolve and shape a story and to understand where you're going wrong. I may be giving up on my own but it will never be because I don't value them.

Its hardships can be numerous and failure to gather an audience is one of the toughest aspects of maintaining a webcomic.

That's one of the reasons I'm putting Felicity to bed- and I want to say, I've had a handful of readers that I want to thank, they made the difference when it counted, they made some pages happen. But projecting work to an empty room takes its toll, both on a person and the work itself.

The other reason is that increasingly I am shorter on time and I want to achieve certain things in my life that right now, I just can't. Ending Felicity gives me more time. Time I can put into a brighter future- to thoughtful approach and execution. I have ambitions to soar the clouds and having six years of webcomic experience under my belt, I KNOW I have the determination to get there.

A fresh start.

I know I've tread this path before and I have battled with this a few times! But this is for real. I'm no longer held back by that sense of 'having more to say', like I have previously. I feel like the time is right to move on and leave it behind now for good.

Thanks, more than you can know, if you read the comic.
I sincerely hope you come back when I use this time to create the next one.


May 21, 2014


Just a sketch dump, need to start doing these again!

May 08, 2014


I've realised something.

I've changed.

My first real attempt at world building was Broken Falcon, a love story in essence- set in a world where the Bad guys had already won.

Wayward is my upcoming story, one I plan to devote myself to entirely- a demonstration of everything my self discovery in art has taught me and a story I hope will mean something. It's got a spirit of adventure and a warm heart but it deals with ugly emotions and a quest driven by guilt. Above all else- in its darkest moments it is never incapable of shining a light. Because there is always hope.

Broken Falcon by contrast, was an angst filled tragedy about two lovers torn apart by a war, a hero fallen from grace and a life barely worth living. I was a teenager at the time, wouldn't you know.  It was a story I kept adding to for years, a story I kept intending to tell eventually. As such, it changed over time and without noticing it- so was I.

When I began to evolve Wayward from idea to story I realised I had a lot of shelved Broken Falcon lore I was probably never going to explore, so I reworked much of into Wayward- as you can see up top; a Young Zepher(Broken Falcons main character)depicted as a warrior of winds- an idea that would later become the foundation to the characters in Wayward.

It's only very recently that I realised how much I have changed as a person. See, I was toying with doing a Five-page Broken Falcon short comic for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and started to think about what might make an interesting glimpse into that world ten years on.

I drew up a lot of very crude doodles of Zepher as an old man, an example of his race in their Prime. I was interested in the idea of him being an exiled relic of a by-gone age and so I started to think about the lore that remained and how I could give such a short glimpse into that world and still make it interesting.

As it turns out- I not sure it's ever going to be that interesting.
I had a sudden moment of realising I'm not the same person I was, I no longer have a desire to share such a grim and bleak vision of a world. I'm not sure if this is a reflection of me- of some shift in ideals or perspective- I'm certainly not adverse to enjoying stories with similar themes. It was an odd moment for me.
I find the character compelling but perhaps him being the centre of the story is a mistake- it's hard to relate to a character that vile and bitter. I didn't see any way to reinvent him without distancing the story and the character from each other.

These very quick doodles were some of the exploration I had taken into entertaining a new Broken Falcon story before I realised the issue(I was happy I finally found a way to work White into his design, was a long standing goal for me.)

I feel like I've learnt something about myself now, that maybe it's time to focus on what I truly believe in and not entertain anything I do not. In the struggle to become better it's easy to over-think things or stop yourself from taking the scary steps. I think I can shelve Broken Falcon for good now though, there may come a time when things click into place- or I find myself wanting to explore those darker themes again but for now, the character remains a pillar of my journey so far- a friend who helped me a long the way and whose wisdom is still guiding me all these years later. Now unto brighter, more hopeful places.


March 01, 2014

Guff What I do.

2014 so far has been an interesting and difficult year. Unfortunately, life isn't easy at times and there are massive obstacles in my near future I need to overcome, they've proven to be emotionally draining and quite difficult to confront. I'm doing everything I can to help things a long but there's a real element of uncertainty that makes things a bit tougher than they need to be and it's going to continue to be difficult. Never losing faith though, it's just going to keep being uphill for quite a while longer.

Art-wise, I'm working at a few things at the moment. I wrapped up my 2nd Scoundrels issue early this year and if you missed it you can start reading it here. I had everything on my plate during the update rotation and had nothing short of a hellish time trying to get everything done on time. As a result I'm pretty much going to distance myself from Scoundrels for the rest of the year until I know I'll have time to really contribute again.

Right now though!

Most important current work is a big freelance job that's been a bunch of fun even though it's quite a lot to get through. I'm nearing my half-way mark with the workload and I've learnt a lot so far(including shining light on weaknesses I wasn't aware of before.)I'm grateful for the opportunity and I'm enjoying the challenge- it's not the kind of job you land easily so I'm quite eager to put the extra work in.

My focus on making sure I do a good and steady job on this has meant I've had to set a few other things to the side, including Felicity- which I hope to get updating again in early March. The other project I'm having to delay is Wayward, my story pitch I plan on getting under noses throughout the year. Time is the most important ingredient for a story so it's not a bad thing that I've had to delay production; the story is still taking a final shape and visually, I've barely scratched the surface. I'm keen to get started though, I've spent the last 8 years honing a craft and I feel like Wayward will be my first proper step towards showing what I can do.

The other active-project I have right now is doing odd bits of art for Yogscast And The Mystical Dreamtower, a 2d game that should be coming out on early-access(a BETA release of sorts)very soon. Games have always been my hobby and obsession so I've enjoyed my time working with Studio Flashback immensely, Games are goliath undertakings and it's hard to fully appreciate that until you're actually in the engine room helping piece it together. It's a craft I've always respected and admired but more so now having worked on this game and Rock Star Rising last year.

That leads me to another project beginning this year, all being well. The whole reason I began working with Studio Flashback on Yogscast And The Mystical Dreamtower was because I reached out to the founder about making a game together. That game hasn't begun just yet. But over the past year since asking, it has grown quite fully formed in my mind as a 2D platformer called Rascal N Tink. It's something that I'd love to get to prototype stage by years end but as I said, games are a massive amount of work and we may be needed elsewhere before the year is up.

Lastly! I'm trying to educate and better my understanding of business and reaching out to the many organisations we have set up here in Northern Ireland to help do so. I've got a meeting next week that will give me a chance to really test myself on where I want to go and what I want to do. It's going to require some soul-searching and for me to somehow articulate my passion in words rather than pictures(something I've never been too good at.)

Oh and regarding any previous stuff I'd said I would work on- Magpie springs to mind. Not working on them any more. There was always more support for Magpie than say, Felicity but I swore to myself this year would be about the pitch and that means as soon as my Freelance commitments quiet down a bit- it's full steam on Wayward. I hope this doesn't disappoint anyone(though I'm fairly sure it won't affect any one!)


December 07, 2013

Yogscast Simon DLC

The UKs most watched Youtube channel; The Yogscast are doing a charity drive this month in aid of Special Effect, a UK based charity that specialises in providing support for gamers who aren't as able-bodied.

A really cool part of this drive is a piece of Downloadable content for SONIC & ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED for PC(a game I highly recommend)that puts Yogscast favourite - Simon Lane, right into the game as a playable character. It's extra cool because I've been working with Studio Flashback on the videogame Yogscast And The Mystical Dream Tower and for the charity character they have used our design. Think I speak for everyone at Flashback that helped to design the characters- we're chuffed to have added in some small way to a piece of special content going towards an amazing cause.

Small World

Out of all the 'timewasting' websites and social media you can expose yourself to nowadays, there is one I feel is more useful than many give it credit.


It's not just food pictures and self-indulgence, far from it!
As a creative, Twitter is the ultimate source of inspiration, advice and promotion.

Ever since I joined twitter, the working comic professionals on there have been nothing but helpful and supportive. I've been able to talk at length with them about every intimate detail of pitching your own comic to the daily life you can expect if you're successful. Simply by tweeting them to ask. They're open and honest and always willing to share the information you might of thought was a 'secret'. I can't recommend it enough for networking with those who have earned a seat in the halls you're aiming for.

As a teenager I felt like Northern Ireland was a dead end for comics and it wasn't until I joined twitter a few years ago that I realised we actually have so many talented working professionals here and even more down South. Not only are there so many, I also quickly learnt they're not out for blood; they actually want to help each other succeed.

So thanks to Twitter, not just a waste of time!

June 08, 2013


So since deciding I was going to do a Magpie comic(which I'm starting work on in the latter half of 2013)I've been tweaking and developing the character design alongside brainstorming the script. It's been a very on and off thing, in between all of the work dividing my attention right now but it's also been pretty fun! My Magpie design was always one I was pretty happy with and is certainly my most popular character on DeviantArt so it's been a new kind of experience to try to evolve the design, given I've already had some people voice opposition at certain design tweaks I wanted to make(over the top eye-goggles seem to be a design feature I really shouldn't change.)

It's been really interesting too because I've found myself needing to make some edits because the design must now be informed by the narrative. Example! I did a redesign a little while back that I was going to try to stick to- one of the new additions to this redesign was a much more sporty-shoe heel to her boots. The idea was that her costume should be althletic and not get in the way of her momentum and freedom when moving- something I'd established early on would be a definite aspect to how I would show the character in action. As I started to develop the various scenarios in the script I was left with a pretty common problem of the character needing to get from her house to Lisburn, or Belfast or any place that you'd basically need a car to get to. This was when I introduced Roller-blades to the character which quickly became one of my favourite things about the visual element to the design- the action scenes and abilities the roller-blades give her in the script will be a really awesome and unique aspect to the book when I get to drawing it. I'm looking forward to that!