January 25, 2016

"Lost" Prey Valiance Debut Issue

Here's a thing- I originally had a different introduction planned for Prey when Scoundrels kicked off. I got really far into this issue- including halfway through inks but decided to change things around at the last minute. Although I don't have much of the original inks- I have recovered all the pencilled rough pages and it's a sequence you can still follow. Thought I would upload it here to preserve it!

Work is old! From late 2011-Mid 2012.
Some of the dialogue is still here but for anyone who wants to follow it- basically it's a bank robbery that goes south when her hired 'muscle' turns against her- they end up squabbling over who keeps her gun(which is much sought after in Pirate circles)and ends up escaping with the upper hand.

Why did I not go for it? I really don't know!

December 24, 2015

2015 in Reviewish.

Wanted to wish all and any of you reading; Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016!

Normally, I'd say thanks for supporting my art through this year but 2015 has been a really quiet year for me personal-art wise. It's disappointing for me as I had big plans.


Unexpectedly- This has been a great year for me on a professional level. I've been very busy all the way through the year- this holiday is actually my first time off since the year began so I plan on reflecting plenty on what has happened.

There are so many aspects of art I've wanted to try my hand at for a long time that I have now done and that is really important for me. I feel the amount I have learnt and grown this year is the most I have in a long time. I feel like I'm learning something every day I go to work and I can't wait to get better at what I love to do.

I spent the first half of the year working in mobile games development- something that challenged me at every single turn, I came away from that feeling much more in tune with my limitations- how to push to exceed them but also how to recognise when I can't. It was a humbling, often frustrating and eye opening experience that taught me so much and pushed me so far out of my comfort zone. I don't know how I feel about Mobile games, or how the experience I had reflects on that industry but I now know it isn't for me. I tried my best every second of the near 10 months I was there but the red tape was too much, Creativity was stifled and there was just too much focus on functionality and delivery.

The second half of the year has been in Animation. I've always had my heart in storytelling but I saw comics as my only way in. I've never ever managed to score any sort of paid/professional comics work, and even though I've had multiple jobs working in Games by now and even more in Illustration or design- Working in animation has been incredible. I feel for the first time in my life like I'm actually using and improving my skills.
I know a huge part of this is because I spent 8 painstakingly long years working to get any job in my desired industry and while I had a lot of success with part-time and Freelance work, it's not full time work; it's not long term. At the same time I worked for six of those years in a job that had nothing to do with what I'd spent my whole life aiming for. That was very hard on me over the years to say the least.

So to be given the chance at last to work in a story-driven industry and to realise how well I suddenly feel like I fit into the machine, for the first time in my life- is just crazy.

I'm actively excited to be involved in the process and the amount I've learnt about how actual, real made for TV shows happen is staggering. This is knowledge that feels like gold dust to me- this is the treasure I've sought throughout my life-long art adventures. I have crazy, mad, never-going-to-happen ambitions of seeing my own characters, my own stories on a screen or in a comic and here I am learning how to do it from people who know exactly how to do it. I can't be sure I will continue to work where I am right now for much more than a few more months ahead of me but I feel like my ambitions and goals feel all the closer now.

And going ahead into 2016, I have a mini comic coming early on- Which will be a comedy-Fantasy.
I will be finishing off my big-ass story effort currently named Wayward. And Prey Valiance will make a return in a Scoundrels Issue.

Magpie is an interesting one and I'll save that for another journal- because something has happened there that I didn't expect.

But overall- I'm sorry I couldn't share much of anything I've done this year and I'm sorry my personal goals got sidelined by unexpected turn of events for me professionally but I'm just as keen as ever to get back to it and very much looking forward to 2016 and what it could bring for me.


May 26, 2015

Lunch Doodles

Doodles I've done through lunch since around Feb this year.

May 04, 2015

Comics and Art in 2015

A quick update on the goings-on, Art wise with me.

I've been quiet lately, most of 2015 in fact. I'm currently working full-time in the world of video games and it has been both an exciting and a challenging experience. I am finding my feet in many respects this year and unfortunately- the side effect of taking on this particular avenue is that my comics and over-all artistic output has petered out.

But not completely- I am doing everything I can in my spare time and there are a few things on the table right now. I'd like to say that beyond my next Scoundrels Issue- there'd be a big project on the way this year but I just don't see that being likely. I've already talked at length about this one- an all ages fantasy story. It's still very much my ambition right now and I want to be careful with it- get it right.
I'm still editing the script, exploring all my options and I'm reaching out for help where I feel I need it. But I'm hoping I won't be sitting on this egg much longer because I'm really eager to get started and see if I can pull it off.

Much more likely are two shorter comics; one is an exciting collaboration between myself and Vince Hunt(Check out Vince's 'Red Mask From Mars' comic at http://www.theredmaskfrommars.com/)which is in very early stages right now- but expect an all-ages adventure story that will hopefully evoke early 90's Saturday Morning cartoons. I hope to also have Joe McGro (http://joemcgro.deviantart.com/) come aboard to help design some of the characters.

Secondly is a short 12 pager debut for The Magpie. I know I've sung this tune before but I'm planning on reeling in the ambition quite a bit and tackle something I can manage in a tight time-scale. It will be a standalone-ish issue with the room to expand. The character is worth exploring just this once, if never again so I'd like to finally get it out there and see what happens.


November 12, 2014

Commission List 2014


EDIT! I'm currently closed for commissions. However if you'd like to order a #1 or a #2, that should be fine!
Details of how to order are at the bottom!

A Number One!
Sketches - £10 (per character)
Mono-tone, rough and energetic sketch of person/character of your choice.

A Number Two!
Mini Figure - £20 (per character)
Full colour, tidy drawing of person/character of your choice re-imagined as a miniature figure.

A Number Three!
Full Body - £35 (per character)
Full colour, head to toe drawing of a person/character of your choice.

A Number Four!
Portrait Busts - £45 (per character)
Full colour, digitally painted Portraits of a person/character of your choice.

*SPECIAL* Character Action Figures- £80 (per character)
Digitally painted imagery of a person/character of your choice re-imagined as a collectable action figure. FULL DETAILS in Info graphic below example.

Cool, now- Sorry for the wall of text but important Terms of Service and key information is below-


- Regardless of option, All commissions right now are DIGITAL WORK ONLY. You will receive a high resolution PNG file at a Print-ready resolution upon completion, so there'll be no issues if you wish to print it out yourself.

- Payments must be made via PayPal only. I apologise if this is inconvenient for any one but no other payment methods can be accepted at this time. When paying, please detail what your commission was in the 'Note' option Paypal provides you.

- If an order is agreed and placed, it's expected that Clients will not pay upfront for the commission until it is completed. A low-resolution, watermarked 'proof' of the completed order will be sent to the Client when it is ready, it is at this stage that payment is expected. Once payment is sent- the Client will be emailed the unaltered, High-Resolution file. Payment is expected be sent within 3 working days from letting me know you have received the proof(barring a reasonable excuse)and failure to pay will result in no high-resolution image being sent.

- As payment is not upfront, refunds are not available. Should you need to cancel an order you must tell me as soon as possible from having placed your order.

- Prices listed here are base prices and are not likely to change, but should your request involve more than in the examples shown, you will be informed of any potential price increase before any work has begun.

- Communication will be entirely done through email, I will not be able to check DeviantArt Notes or Twitter PMs as it becomes too difficult to manage and maintain contact.

- Original characters are very much welcomed but requests for such must include reference imagery and information about the character. The better you can describe and communicate who your original character is- the better the outcome from me will be! 

- I retain all of the rights to my Artwork- Commissions are for private and non-commercial use. You're free to reproduce the imagery(Posting online, sharing or printing for private use)so long as it is not for profit. The Client retains all the rights to their own respective characters.

-I have the right to refuse any commission should I deem it unsuitable. Themes depicting very mature or adult themes such as extreme violence, sexual acts and anything typically deemed NSFW will almost certainly be refused.

I'd love to do some work for you! If you're interested-

Email MRTWULF [AT] YAHOO [DOT] COM with the word COMMISSION and the type of commission in the title field.

For example : "Commission - Portrait Bust"

Throw me details of what you would like to order in the email.

Thanks very much!

November 10, 2014

Yogsquest 2

With the series now concluded and available on the channel, I wanted to just document my involvement with the second series of 'Yogsquest' All of which is right here! Click Meh!

It's a RPing series- this time with a Sci-Fi theme(like a demented Red Dwarf)where the stars of the Yogscast save the galaxy, getting into all kinds of trouble along the way. It's a little salty at times- with adult humour so just a heads up there!

My job was to add some visual elements to the episodes- these were cherry picked and as a freelancer helping out, I worked with the moments I was assigned. Besides pre-existing character designs and some back and forth for re-occuring elements(Like Nic Cage Fuzzykin, what a wonderful creation) I had total freedom to do what I wanted with my bits. That was fantastic and I'm thankful to the creative team in charge for trusting me enough to inject some of my own sense of humour into proceedings. There were plenty of times when I was worried a part wouldn't work but pretty consistently they were open and encouraging for me to try anything.

All in all it was a great job- I think 'Wheels' is the stand out character for me and I was really excited I got assigned to most of his key scenes. I don't know that anything similar to this will come up again for me but I really do think The Yogscast are awesome- they understand the importance of creativity and that comes across not just here, when hiring some guy, but through their entire Network and how they conduct themselves- surrounding each other with like-minded, talented people and letting their creativity flourish for the good of entertainment.

One of the coolest things on this job is the Yogscast fans- particularly those on Tumblr, really seemed to love the series and some of them even loved the parts I worked on- animated gifs and all. So it
has been great to have not ruined something so many people love.

November 01, 2014

Collab Comic

I have a very basic idea for a comic, the main influence being Bucky O'Hare. The idea remains basic enough that the potential for directions it can go is still vastly wide open. What I'd like to do with it going forward, is to develop it alongside someone else- to bounce ideas off and to help introduce new directions for that potential. And then build it together.

Ultimately what is most important to me is getting along with a collaborator- I don't expect or want to have the exact same interests but sharing most will help.The elements key to this project being - a sense of humour, a love for Sci-Fi and 80s/90s TV shows and most importantly- being kid-friendly. Not a 'tailor made for kids' story but a story with no prominent swearing, gore, nudity or drugs and the like. As a point of reference- we could look to something like The Simpsons for a guide on how much these more adult themes would be present.

If it sounds interesting to you so far- I'd just ask to show me some of the work you've already done. Especially if you feel it fits the themes above, but if it fits any one of them individually- that's fine too. I'd love it if you had anything funny to show. You also don't need to be a published writer but if you're not, I'd prefer it if you have some experience making comics or webcomics to show me. Lastly, if you do both art and writing- that's cool too! Feel free to drop links or refs to those in the comments section here or through Twitter(@Twulfster) if you don't have an account here.

Oh and if you could answer the following questions-

Favourite Comic?

Favourite Animated TV Show?

Favourite Animated Movie?

For some down-the-line-details. This comic would eventually materialise as a single issue, 15-20 pages long but with legs to expand depending on what happens! There'd be no payment required for the artwork and there would be no payment provided for the writing- this is a passion project designed(hopefully)to help expose two wannabe creators and to just enjoy making something fun together.

The nature of my workload is unpredictable so it may be a while before I have the time to start committing to this but I want to at least extend the offer now as development can be spread out over small pockets of time.

Lastly- I don't wish to waste any ones time; which is why I'm asking to see work you've already done, and not for anyone to create something new. If you have work to show me and I don't take it further I want to say ahead of time that it will almost certainly be because I don't see it fitting in with the idea as it is right now. I hate the thought of having to turn people down or away because I have so much respect for anyone who takes a passion like this far enough to create anything- But I know ultimately- if I want to develop an idea with someone, it needs to feel like we're on the same page.

Anyways! Hopefully I can at the very least meet some new creators and check out and follow their work.