April 27, 2008

Take Five

I'm currently working on an array of Character Concept art for my Portfoilio, it's proving alittle less fun than I'd hoped so I've been toying about inbetween- doodling and sketching some silly things during my breaks (speaking of which, I'm done for tonight! Cup of tea time 8D)

I've just started messing around with Corel Painter, well, a watered down version I got free with my Cintiq. I'm still not entirely used to the Cintiq, I feel slow and have to spend alot of time reaching behind the screen for a single keyboard stroke(Though that's thanks to me not having a proper desk.) However, Painter is a great program, have used it alittle before. I'm planning to use it to break in my Cintiq properly, hopefully it won't take me too long to get used to it.

Futurama has always had an influence on Felicity. Although I'm not sure what exactly gave me the ideas that formed Felicity, I know that Futurama was an obvious inspiration for time period and location. Hell even the main characters? Two 'Humans' and a robot.
Anyways, I owe alot of laughs during a very dark time to Futurama. So yet another Groening styled tribute, plus drawing your own characters in another style never gets old.


Who Am I?

The Other night I couldn't sleep and I remember getting up eventually and at some point doodling. I found the doodles again today- thought I'd upload them.

Whenever I can't sleep like this, I usually wake up to lyrics scribed messily on paper- was a suprise to see messy little doodles instead.


Just Bring It

One of my all time favorite series of games is the Legend Of Zelda. Quite easy to understand- it's pretty much the definition of Adventure. You always start out smalltime, with nothing to your name and a world you don't have a clue about. By the end you've tread every inch of that world, you know it like the back of your hand and you're the one who is going to save it.

And as if that burden wasn't scary enough, imagine having to do it when you are just a seven year old kid. I mean, Link is one badass kid- when I was seven I was scared to be alone and couldn't stand the dark. This guy slays demons and runs errands across the world for idiot townsfolk. I just love that. Boy truimphs over evil, a mere boy- to me that's exactly what adventure is, overcoming impossible odds.

Part of what I want to do with this Blog is a daily warm-up sketch, nothing ever specificly set; just whatever I feel like I want to sketch. Today I felt like a quick sketch tribute to Hyrules hero.(Above)

I'm a huge fan of the Windwakers art direction- As may be evident here. I think it really captures what Zelda is all about and as much as I love adult link for looking so badass, 'Wee Link' is the Link I want to see in future Zelda games.

I didn't use any reference here so it's kind of blindly a mix of all kinds of Link-attire, though his shield decal is abit of a reference to A Link To The Past which was the first Zelda title I ever played. And that was all it took to fall in love with it.


Build Them Skywards

I feel I've got to highlight this album if only for a single track that just can't escape me. For those of you not in the know, Biffy Clyro are a scottish rock band that I think started out about the mid-1990's. I've heard bits and pieces from the band over the years but never really enough.

This album, whilst being their latest- isn't terribly new. I think it emerged in late 2006 and I've recently been able to listen in on what it has to offer. I've read up on the fact that the singer/lead guitarist lost his mother and alot of the songs show how hard he found the entire thing to deal with. And the track 'Folding Stars' is actually directly dedicated to his mother with an anthemous chorus of her name; 'Eleanor'.

Tracks I have to highlight then are 'Who's got a match' 'As Dust Dances' and the absolutely epic 'Machines'. I've found the latter song stuck in my head ever since I first heard it and the impact of it hit me. The song makes you feel sad, really sad but it reminds me of the power music can have and I love it more with every listen. I even learnt it on guitar. Zoh-ma-gawd.

The full album is very easy listening, with some songs really highlighting how much this band kicks-ass. Get it, try it on because it's certainly worth it.

(Thanks to Vesi for letting me hear it :B)


April 26, 2008

Spotted At Sponsor Event

One aspect of Felicity that I never grow tired of is the fact it isn't an Action Hero story- it's the story of an extremely talented team competiting in the worlds deadlist sport, they're Celebritys. And no member of Team Crimson embraces that fact more than Chasity, 99 is the wannabe rockstar, mingling with the 26th century moviestars and music legends. A figure very much in the public eye.

The reason I find this so fun is my 'promo' images for the project are exactly that, Promos. I get to do magazine covers, interviews, guest appearences- Photographs essentially.
It's rad because you get this personal edge to it, especially with the non-media photographs. At times I long so much to be able to just draw that action pose- that extreme explosion dodge or that babe with a thousand guns'a'blaring. I find though that the challenge of creating the 'natural essence' a photograph is far tougher.

Anyway, Took some time out today to cell this very rough little doodle. I spent quite abit of time at the end of last year defining 99s hair- how it worked. I've since been able to play around with alot of different styles outside of her classic 'Hive' look for her racetrack wins. I've never experimented with any of her temporary hairstyles not having her fringe falling over her face in one way or another. So I figure that's what triggered the doodle. O:

Alot of real life people have inspired 99s look- and actually her biggest comparison seems to be Amy Winehouse despite me never looking to her as an inspiration. Actual influences include, Elizabeth Hurley, Ellen Page, Eva Green, Elisha Cuthbert(xD Just noticing the apparant 'E' trend) and as evident to any Paramore fans in this particular image; Hayley Williams. That girl is just 8D *Swoon*.

99s tee features artwork by T-deines.
Go visit!

Right, better get back to sketchin'


April 22, 2008

For Starters

Hi there!

If you're reading this then you've probably gotten here through the magical link I left at my DeviantArt. If that's the case, then Hai guise! Thanks for dropping in. If not, then please tell me how the hell you found this site D:

I plan on using this blog to just reference everything really. I'll have opinions on Movies, Games, TV shows. I'll have sketches and alot of unfinished artwork. I'll have lyrics, songs and tabs. I'll post all the crap of the day that rattles around my head. I plan on just using it as somewhere to cover all aspects of my thought.

Expect a random and more close to the heart adventure on here.