July 28, 2008

Batty Bat Bat

Really long time no post. *Wrist-slap*.
Right now I'm nursing a headache which I've had lingering around up there since I got up this morning. I'm sure my shift at work didn't help things but I'm totally confused as to why it has yet to clear. I've sent in four of those tablet-troopers since this morning. Must be pinned down at the minute, another few hours and I can send the last of the reinforcements in.

I've been working on at Felicity, kinda irritating because I can't really spare anytime for much else and it seems like I'm not working at all. My Deviant Art is in serious need of something being uploaded so, as I have a headache, I may just take time out and sketch something under the sun before it disappears for the day.

The Dark Knight. Suprisingly lived up to the insane hype everyone and their mothers gave it. I won't drone on about it because there's so little I could say that isn't being said by 100 million other people. I thought Heath Ledger stole the show and that his Joker was incredible, I think without that performance the film would have been elevated out of that grounded reality it seems to maintain. That's what makes the film in my opinion- Chris Nolan, as a creative visionary certainly succeeded in the notion of creating a realistic story about a man who dresses up and fights crime. It all feels very real.

That said, it isn't perfect and there's alot I don't care for- always out weighed by the good however. And I still hate Chris Nolans fight direction. You can never see what the hell is happening, that sort of chlosterphobic type camera work is great when used correctly but mix it in with odd compositions and blurry-blur-blur-blur and it causing more headaches than whoas.
But that's part of his style, the entire film is in his style so credit to him.

Okay, head throbbing. Have to go.


July 07, 2008


This is my first post for July isn't it?

I've had a few people enquire into the making of the Banjo-Kazooie pic I put up on my DeviantArt.

It's just a sketch that was scanned in. I'm lazy when it comes to linework so I never really bother with the inking stage anymore. I use to actually be pretty good with inking but after years of not bothering- it ends up being a waste of time for me.

My line control has become alot tighter though so I'm usually able to maintain a relatively clean line for my tidier linework(Note that in order to get it this clean I usually redo my original sketch).

I colored using the Multiply method in Photoshop and added shadows to help give it a 3D lift.
Simple as that really.

I are thirsty.