November 25, 2008


I seem to have built the majority of my methods around covering up the fact that I have incredibly messy pencil work. Over the past while I've tried to tighten my pencils to define my lines more clearly, it makes the artwork harder to produce but I'd rather be able to have the option to be able to clean up my lines if needs be.
It's really hard for me because naturally I still sketch with 100 lines where there should be one, it's just the way I've always worked. I'll always maintain that method of production but I figure it's not good for me to never attempt to learn how to control that a bit more.

When it comes to the cell stage or color stage I know which lines to pick out because it's my own artwork. If I was to ever be in a situation where someone else had to carry the artwork to the next stage, I can't leave a confusing mess for them to decipher.

I'm very slowly approaching a clean pencil line with some of my artwork, I've noticed I spend alot more time defining that stage than I used to.

As a result it makes all my methods alot faster.


November 08, 2008


EDIT: I've no idea why this image is breaking the borders. It's annoying me : (
EDIT: Hooray, I've somehow fixed it.