March 09, 2011

You'll Not Feel'Benefit

Doodle of 11 with his new coat. Coats are cool.


March 06, 2011

Bounty Huntin'

Star Wars expanded universe character and The Clone Wars stand out; Aurra Sing. Let me also make a record here of how much Season Two of The Clone Wars is worth anyones time.

This was the piece I did for the Eclectic Micks Birthday, which only went and let any old Irish artist get a spot on their blog. Way cool guys over that way, way cooler art.


March 01, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Arch Nemesis of The Magpie, Lil'Rabbit! Hadn't done an updated colour reference of him for quite a while. More to say if I weren't so tired, may edit later.