January 23, 2009


I've finished designing Felicitys website and created all the graphics to go with it. It's been built now and awaiting content, so it's actually going to be launching sometime within the next week or so. I'll be sure to shout loud when it does. You'll be sick of hearing about it.

Fingers aren't much in the mood to type- figured I'd update the blog though. Here's some random rough stuff from over the past month and abit.

I'm still a concept artist for the Perfect Dark Source mod, which incase anyone was wondering- is going to be back online very soon. They used alot of my old artwork on the site and I can't stand the sight of it now so I did a new piece. I drew the pose from photoreference and just painted it up in Photoshop(works best on a white background.)

'Fake' Felicity still, I just badly painted over an existing photo for abit of fun. Results quite nice-

Very rough sketch of Magpie-

Rough thumbnail for a possible Mirrors Edge fan-art I'm thinking of doing. I added basic color to help me define my composition and ideas-

I've got alot of Felicity guff still to do and I'm quite inspired tonight to do some superhero stuff- so expect some doodles.

Oh and Happy new year :D