December 14, 2011

Elephant Graveyard.

I was doodling Magpie for an upcoming blogpost and when I realized how the expression came out, everything got a bit Lion-Kingy.


December 04, 2011

Issuo Tree

Was going to type a lot of guff here but no one needs to read that. Here is a bunch of old Issue 3 stuff, it doesn't matter if I show it now. Given I've been working on various incarnations of Issue 3 since like 2008 or something mad- the age of this work varies as does the progression obviously, some are rough some are close to finished.

The very top image here is not from Issue 3 but pre-Issue 1. I just like to compare the end result to my initial ideas.

If you didn't catch the latest about Felicity, Issue 3 is to be a black and white comic now as I can't really justify spending as much time as I want on it. It's also due sometime next year as I've yet to begin working on it. My confidence is knocked severely with Felicity, I miss working on it something fierce but I won't be going back until I feel ready.


December 03, 2011