August 23, 2008

Pew Pew Pew

I did this back in April/May. For whatever reason I never uploaded it to my Deviant Art, so just before it becomes too old- I'll throw it up on here.

No 'theme' to this piece. It was an exercise in pose and weight and also a chance to explore 2500s NYC fashion. The future is bright, the future certainly is orange.

Why orange? Besides her whites and reds, Chase seems to suit oranges the best. I tried alot of different colors(not on this outfit but in general experiments)and she always came out best in orange. I'm told that your hair color, tone of skin and even face structure can determine what colors look best on you- so perhaps that's why it works.


Gotta be one of the only times I've drawn her without a belt. Interesting.

The comic is like, pretty much finished. I've got one last day to give a final push of victoryz.
It's taken longer to finish it than I had expected(Obviously since I haven't yet said so) but I am getting there.

I'll tell you what though- I can't wait to start Issue 2, I can't see myself taking much of a break before I do so.


Oh and...

For the Lulz...

Face your Manga.
If you've got time to waste.

Like I did.



August 22, 2008

Run Wabbit Run.

O Hai.
Just wanted to slap up the origins of the quick Faith sketch I put together.

Just started out as random poses, tried to focus the pose abit and ended up with this mid-skid sort of thing. You can see here, I was just going by memory- tattoo incorrect, colors abit iffy too. Pants super vague- thought they were baggy but wasn't sure. Shoes a mess too.
Once I had a look a refs and tightened the pose alittle, I threw on a line layer and then took it in a very simple direction for colors.

Felicity to do tonight, the last off it too.


August 17, 2008

Negative Numbers

Whilst on my break from doing this;

I squeezed in this;

Colored version you shalt find here.
Zero Samus- I've meant to draw her for a good while.

Because I lost a day(Friday)to meeting up with friends, as expected I'm about a day off finishing Felicity. So everything is going to schedule, I should have the priority items finished this time tomorrow. Huzzah.

Today was a hard day for artwork, I haven't stopped all day.
I need a cup of tea.


August 13, 2008

Did you know?

Mass Effects 'Mako' was inspired, in design- by the shark with the same name? Google image (Mako) to see an instant resemblance. This is very cool news to me- Sharks are incredible creatures and it's no wonder they were chosen as a base for inspiration.

Probably not wrong to suggest the 'uncharted worlds' were compared to the 'ocean'. Another possibile reason they arrived at sharks for a theme of inspiration.

I love Mass Effect.

I also love Soul Calibur 4(although the two aren't comparable obviously.)

I only wish the A.I would decide on a difficultly level and then stick to it. There are 8 stages in arcade mode(no option to choose a difficultly). You fight for 2 rounds each stage, 3 if it's a draw.

I can clear the first 6 stages with perfects (Not getting hit once) and then all of a sudden that skill I have means nothing because the A.I reads my moves and blocks them accordingly.

Then as soon as my guards down I'm treated to an unblockable barrage of impossibly powerful hits and spams from the computer. It's like hitting a brick wall. It makes no sense, they should atleast make each fight alittle harder as you go, not easy, easy, easy, IMPOSSIBLE.

It's impossibly annoying. Kills your thunder pretty fast when the computer decides to be completely unbeatable. It's just hard to think of the A.I being too smart and not the usual too dumb.

The most irritating thing about it all though- is the fact I've beaten Arcade mode plenty of times before and I never ran into this bother. Now I can't clear The Apprentice stage without getting ruining my Perfect-streak.

But I still love the game, it's got alot of depth. That's why I love it, you can actually train to become better.

Felicitys Artwork should be finished this weekend- as I finally have a day off : D


August 11, 2008

More Character Influences

I was inspired by alot of 'Popular' figures and 'Celebrities' when trying to define the characters of Felicity abit more. What I often found myself doing aswell- was including homages to my own personal heroes or favorites.

99s visual look is a blend of famous faces and celebrity clothing styles- and quite often those celebrity would be influenced greatly by my own personal choice. While I've listed before the direct visual influences- I also looked to other less obvious sources for inspiration.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers singer; Anthony Kiedis has had a pretty big influence on 99. He's an iconic figure, a rockstar and is far from free of a hard life. Obviously his visual look wasn't going to have too much influence on 99s- but some of those traits are carried across. The body language is often recreated- the kind of energitic crazyness Kiedis is known for. Though arguebly one of his most prominent features are his Tattoos.

I remember seeing a photo a long time ago(not long after my obsession with the Chilis was birthed)of Kiedis practically tattoo-less and mid-way through getting those iconic symbols.
I just remember really liking the history in the photo.

A good while after I'd given 99 a tattoo(was in part another step to individualise the character but mainly due to story reasons)I thought it'd be cool to do a sketch of her getting it. A Homage to the Kiedis pic.

It's pretty old now(My guess is maybe Jan08?) but I found it- decided I'd upload it to keep a record of it here as I'm very unlikely to do much more with it. I also tracked down the Kiedis pic that inspired it.

Aside from the flip in character stance- I think I remembered it pretty damn well : D.

Interestingly aswell- Volume 325 and the few pictures of 99 with Zowie(I've uploaded one of them below)were all inspired by images/magazine covers of Kiedis I'd previously seen. Unfortunately I can't track them down.

Interesting fact- while I can still remember! The image of Chase with Zowie there is the first image I ever drew in 2008.



(Oh and Issue One? It's very nearly there)