August 11, 2008

More Character Influences

I was inspired by alot of 'Popular' figures and 'Celebrities' when trying to define the characters of Felicity abit more. What I often found myself doing aswell- was including homages to my own personal heroes or favorites.

99s visual look is a blend of famous faces and celebrity clothing styles- and quite often those celebrity would be influenced greatly by my own personal choice. While I've listed before the direct visual influences- I also looked to other less obvious sources for inspiration.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers singer; Anthony Kiedis has had a pretty big influence on 99. He's an iconic figure, a rockstar and is far from free of a hard life. Obviously his visual look wasn't going to have too much influence on 99s- but some of those traits are carried across. The body language is often recreated- the kind of energitic crazyness Kiedis is known for. Though arguebly one of his most prominent features are his Tattoos.

I remember seeing a photo a long time ago(not long after my obsession with the Chilis was birthed)of Kiedis practically tattoo-less and mid-way through getting those iconic symbols.
I just remember really liking the history in the photo.

A good while after I'd given 99 a tattoo(was in part another step to individualise the character but mainly due to story reasons)I thought it'd be cool to do a sketch of her getting it. A Homage to the Kiedis pic.

It's pretty old now(My guess is maybe Jan08?) but I found it- decided I'd upload it to keep a record of it here as I'm very unlikely to do much more with it. I also tracked down the Kiedis pic that inspired it.

Aside from the flip in character stance- I think I remembered it pretty damn well : D.

Interestingly aswell- Volume 325 and the few pictures of 99 with Zowie(I've uploaded one of them below)were all inspired by images/magazine covers of Kiedis I'd previously seen. Unfortunately I can't track them down.

Interesting fact- while I can still remember! The image of Chase with Zowie there is the first image I ever drew in 2008.



(Oh and Issue One? It's very nearly there)


Avatar_pwnz said...

hahah YES! zowie!

Allison Marcellus said...

I really do love reading/watching your blog/artwork; you've got such a great style!

I'm looking forward to Felicity; best of luck to you!