April 19, 2013

So I promised myself I'd pitch something in '13

I'm going to be using everything I've learnt and hopefully with any luck create and pitch the best child-friendly adventure comic I can manage. It'll be a busy few months spending all the free time I have on it(I may be more of a hermit than usual!)I'll continue to do Felicity every Monday and Scoundrels will still see my contribution, not to mention there are a few freelance commitments I've already signed on for but aside from that! It's straight down the line to develop this idea and getting it out there.

Why a Child-friendly book?
I've never been especially interested in hyper gore, or zombies and horror and that's mostly all I see in comics. And for kids? There really isn't much of the same substance and meaning as there is to be found across the board in all other kids media. There are some truly fantastic cartoon shows and television shows that have proven appeal to all ages, even though they're made for kids. I don't see that so much in kids comics. Can I try to change that?

Sometimes, especially with kids comics, I feel like a comic book is limited to the genre- it's not as grand or epic and sprawling as a good kids book, or a good movie. I know it exists, so I know it's possible- I just don't understand why there aren't more of them. Can it be possible for a comic book to be as imaginative and captivating as other mediums? Can it be possible for a comic book to transcend all age brackets and just tell a great story?

I'm going to try to find out if I can answer that, that's the goal at least. I'll aim high and hopefully where ever the arrow pierces- will be a worthwhile read.


April 14, 2013


Think it might be fun to come back to this and add in edits and line work as it all develops to finished work. For now here's the first pass thumbs and second pass thumbs!