May 26, 2015

Lunch Doodles

Doodles I've done through lunch since around Feb this year.

May 04, 2015

Comics and Art in 2015

A quick update on the goings-on, Art wise with me.

I've been quiet lately, most of 2015 in fact. I'm currently working full-time in the world of video games and it has been both an exciting and a challenging experience. I am finding my feet in many respects this year and unfortunately- the side effect of taking on this particular avenue is that my comics and over-all artistic output has petered out.

But not completely- I am doing everything I can in my spare time and there are a few things on the table right now. I'd like to say that beyond my next Scoundrels Issue- there'd be a big project on the way this year but I just don't see that being likely. I've already talked at length about this one- an all ages fantasy story. It's still very much my ambition right now and I want to be careful with it- get it right.
I'm still editing the script, exploring all my options and I'm reaching out for help where I feel I need it. But I'm hoping I won't be sitting on this egg much longer because I'm really eager to get started and see if I can pull it off.

Much more likely are two shorter comics; one is an exciting collaboration between myself and Vince Hunt(Check out Vince's 'Red Mask From Mars' comic at is in very early stages right now- but expect an all-ages adventure story that will hopefully evoke early 90's Saturday Morning cartoons. I hope to also have Joe McGro ( come aboard to help design some of the characters.

Secondly is a short 12 pager debut for The Magpie. I know I've sung this tune before but I'm planning on reeling in the ambition quite a bit and tackle something I can manage in a tight time-scale. It will be a standalone-ish issue with the room to expand. The character is worth exploring just this once, if never again so I'd like to finally get it out there and see what happens.