December 10, 2016

Christmas SketchTrade 2016


Thanks a lot for taking part in the Sketch-trade.

The next step is to choose a subject, so message me back on Twitter what you'd like me to sketch for you. This could be just a word or theme or it could also be a specific Character/Original Character(if it's either of the latter- please provide reference!)If you want a surprise you can also provide multiple options.

I have prepared a google drive link with various subjects you can choose from to sketch for your own half of the trade(I'll have sent you that link in the DM that led you here)

Note! This is a Sketch trade, so there's absolutely no need to spend much time on it- if you're drawing a character it can be a Bust shot rather than full body for example- and there are certainly no requirements for inks or colours. You have complete freedom to interpret the subject as you see it.

Also, you are welcome to theme it to Christmas if you want but that's also not a requirement!

Once you're done with it, Two weeks from today is Christmas Eve(!)and that's our due date. The idea being on the 24th(or the day before if you're too busy)we exchange our sketches!

If you can't contribute or something comes up just let me know when you can and looking forward to sketching up your characters and choices!


Pick a theme/character for me to sketch and send me the reference!
Pick a character for yourself to sketch and keep a hold of it until 24th of December.
Send and Receive your sketchtrade on 24th!


January 25, 2016

"Lost" Prey Valiance Debut Issue

Here's a thing- I originally had a different introduction planned for Prey when Scoundrels kicked off. I got really far into this issue- including halfway through inks but decided to change things around at the last minute. Although I don't have much of the original inks- I have recovered all the pencilled rough pages and it's a sequence you can still follow. Thought I would upload it here to preserve it!

Work is old! From late 2011-Mid 2012.
Some of the dialogue is still here but for anyone who wants to follow it- basically it's a bank robbery that goes south when her hired 'muscle' turns against her- they end up squabbling over who keeps her gun(which is much sought after in Pirate circles)and ends up escaping with the upper hand.

Why did I not go for it? I really don't know!