August 25, 2010

August 15, 2010

Lockdown still going, a quick artdump!

Sunnyside Comics Podcast was quite recently one year old, I did a quick doodle of Yo-Yo and Kid Yo-Yo to celebrate(It's the rather incredible creation from the childhood of comic artist PJ Holden and I based the designs off the fantastic work WJC has done.)

My half of a sketchtrade, Catwoman was requested! Meow.

Quick colour questing for a few major elements in Issue 3. Tried alot of different colour combos, eventually arriving at these. Tidbit! Mountys outfit is meant to be abit of a nod towards Faith from DICEs game, Mirrors Edge- trying to layer some of my fandom! 99s is a reference to a one off image I did a long time ago(actually the header to my blog) where she sported a loose vest.

Lastly, Issue 3 continues- sneak peek at the 'pencils' folder. Where a colour I don't particularly love, is ruling the roost. Issue 3 clocks at ninty one pages, I do not expect to get it anywhere near completed by August, I do however expect September!