August 26, 2012

August 04, 2012

Priority Shuffle.

Somehow, we're halfway through 2012 now!
At the beginning of the new year I made an entry collecting each of my goals and aspirations- with the intention of reaching them before the year was out. It's time to tweak some of those in light of the years events.

Evaluating 2012, it's been a pretty awesome year so far.
I've beaten back in the Reapers and concluded the legacy of Commander Shepard! I've discovered my creative rhythm- the recipe for inspiration that allows me to work when I previously couldn't, I've got engaged and I'm going to get married to the woman I love, I'm about to see Scoundrels launch late this month, an idea made reality with exceptional talent by folks around me, I've pretty much finished private work on multiple projects that have spanned months and finally; I've re-imagined Felicity with a spark of life that excites me to work on it again. And I might even get to do some art on a franchise I'd dearly love to work on.

However, taking my originals goals into consideration- there's a shift in Priorities.

Firstly, The Journey will no longer be something I work on this year. Originally I was dead set on making it a reality within the year and on reflection, I feel it may actually be that idea that stays with me for many more years until I get a proper chance to reveal it.

Secondy, Felicity will still be relaunching this fall as The New Adventures Of Felicity, a one page a week webcomic that will continue on from Issue 2, abandoning most of the ideas I had in the original Issue 3. This is partly because I want it to feel new to me as well as any one reading but more so because I re-evaluated what Felicity is. Issue 3 for those interested was a much more personable, character driven book. I love character stories and Issue 3 was my first real attempt at one. While not without merit, I've learnt since that character stories dance the line between the trivial and the enlightening, some scenes are seemingly pointless to a plot or progression but are there to flesh out and add to the depth of the lore and others are actually pointless. I wasn't ready to determine the difference just yet. The New Adventures is a much less character focused comic, it looks in at the characters in the circumstance of Mort Racing and intertwines action more heavily between reveals of character. As a result it'll be a more exciting story that goes at its own pace and not a complete shift of gear.

Thirdly, Scoundrels is due out, most likely September. The stories themselves are to be completed by late August and there may be a period of a week or so before they are released. Not much to say on Scoundrels right now because so far everything seems on schedule for my original goal. It will be the first comic I've done since Issue 3 and the first work from me this year. Looking forward to it!

Lastly, and this the biggie- The Magpie, originally only getting a 'maybe I'll do a mini comic' will be getting a full blown book entitled Case One. I do not know that it will launch this year, as I will be pursuing print/for sale avenues only for it, but I do know that I will begin working on it this fall. I've been wary of creating a super-hero book for so many reasons, top of the list being 'do we really need another one' but encouragement from those who are a fan of what I've created so far have brought me to the conclusion that doing one couldn't hurt. So far, the process of working on it has been a blast(though I'm still in the pre-production phase)I am realizing that although it can never be completely unique in an over saturated genre- I can still innovate every now and again and still inject some of my own ideas into the template. So I HOPE that when it does release, it feels a little different than anything else.

That's it then, I've got to get back to working on Scoundrels.

Summary for myself-

Books launching in 2012;

  • Scoundrels - Season One

  • The New Adventures Of Felicity

Books worked on in 2012;

  • The Magpie - Case One.