November 15, 2009

Respawn in 5

Annoyed at myself for the major blog neglect. Have had to do way more hours than I'd like at my parttime job, been abit ill on and off for a little while and been making some edits to the preview pages of Felicity before they go up, aswell as some other work *Breathes in* so I've just been too tired or busy.

I'll be making more of an effort now though because I enjoy posting on my blog more than my other spots, gives me a chance to blab a bit about what I'm doing. Until I'm done with todays workload- thought I'd upload a little bit of quick concept art- an idea I've since realized isn't exactly in anyway practical. Still, sometimes you get an itch to explore an idea this far before you tweak that it's.... stupid.

Exploring this odd notion was a quick way to remind me how much I consider practicality in my designs by default(Sometimes without realizing). Upon putting the design in context(Superhero)I was reminded of the physical limitations having big(Albeit cool looking)wings would bring. Originally the only reason I went with the torn sleeves of the 'Final' design was to allow maxium manoeuvrability, a design element that seemed to come into effect by itself.