January 25, 2016

"Lost" Prey Valiance Debut Issue

Here's a thing- I originally had a different introduction planned for Prey when Scoundrels kicked off. I got really far into this issue- including halfway through inks but decided to change things around at the last minute. Although I don't have much of the original inks- I have recovered all the pencilled rough pages and it's a sequence you can still follow. Thought I would upload it here to preserve it!

Work is old! From late 2011-Mid 2012.
Some of the dialogue is still here but for anyone who wants to follow it- basically it's a bank robbery that goes south when her hired 'muscle' turns against her- they end up squabbling over who keeps her gun(which is much sought after in Pirate circles)and ends up escaping with the upper hand.

Why did I not go for it? I really don't know!