October 11, 2008

2 Years Old

CAUTION: Long file is Long.

99- 'Felicity's main hero, has gone through a few design tweaks while my style itself has begun to evolve. I've uploaded just some of the Full color refs I've done since the characters conception, including the first ever design that I brought to coloring stage. You can see how I've gradually altered the design ever so slightly.

Funny how her hair has got droopier as it went along.
The Han Solo inspired red stripe down the pants was dropped in the 2007 designs(and isn't part of her design in Issue 001)I've since then brought it back, which you can see in the bottom picture.

One of the constant aspects in the design is her Crimson Scarf. Brought about by the unwritten rule that all cool characters have to have something that can flutter in the wind. Besides the inspiration I got from Aviation pilots when first designing her, there isn't any reason for the scarf.(She spends most of her time in a closed cockpit, why would she need a scarf?)


October 05, 2008


A couple of things to slap up, nothing finished or particularly polished.

I said in the description for my Harley Quinn pic' that I'd put the process up. It's nothing special at all, same methods as the Mirrors Edge pic' I'd done previously.

Here it be-

And then a random Halo doodle on the corner of a page.

I'll update tomorrow evening with news regarding Felicity, Issue One and Two.