April 26, 2008

Spotted At Sponsor Event

One aspect of Felicity that I never grow tired of is the fact it isn't an Action Hero story- it's the story of an extremely talented team competiting in the worlds deadlist sport, they're Celebritys. And no member of Team Crimson embraces that fact more than Chasity, 99 is the wannabe rockstar, mingling with the 26th century moviestars and music legends. A figure very much in the public eye.

The reason I find this so fun is my 'promo' images for the project are exactly that, Promos. I get to do magazine covers, interviews, guest appearences- Photographs essentially.
It's rad because you get this personal edge to it, especially with the non-media photographs. At times I long so much to be able to just draw that action pose- that extreme explosion dodge or that babe with a thousand guns'a'blaring. I find though that the challenge of creating the 'natural essence' a photograph is far tougher.

Anyway, Took some time out today to cell this very rough little doodle. I spent quite abit of time at the end of last year defining 99s hair- how it worked. I've since been able to play around with alot of different styles outside of her classic 'Hive' look for her racetrack wins. I've never experimented with any of her temporary hairstyles not having her fringe falling over her face in one way or another. So I figure that's what triggered the doodle. O:

Alot of real life people have inspired 99s look- and actually her biggest comparison seems to be Amy Winehouse despite me never looking to her as an inspiration. Actual influences include, Elizabeth Hurley, Ellen Page, Eva Green, Elisha Cuthbert(xD Just noticing the apparant 'E' trend) and as evident to any Paramore fans in this particular image; Hayley Williams. That girl is just 8D *Swoon*.

99s tee features artwork by T-deines.
Go visit!

Right, better get back to sketchin'


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