April 27, 2008

Build Them Skywards

I feel I've got to highlight this album if only for a single track that just can't escape me. For those of you not in the know, Biffy Clyro are a scottish rock band that I think started out about the mid-1990's. I've heard bits and pieces from the band over the years but never really enough.

This album, whilst being their latest- isn't terribly new. I think it emerged in late 2006 and I've recently been able to listen in on what it has to offer. I've read up on the fact that the singer/lead guitarist lost his mother and alot of the songs show how hard he found the entire thing to deal with. And the track 'Folding Stars' is actually directly dedicated to his mother with an anthemous chorus of her name; 'Eleanor'.

Tracks I have to highlight then are 'Who's got a match' 'As Dust Dances' and the absolutely epic 'Machines'. I've found the latter song stuck in my head ever since I first heard it and the impact of it hit me. The song makes you feel sad, really sad but it reminds me of the power music can have and I love it more with every listen. I even learnt it on guitar. Zoh-ma-gawd.

The full album is very easy listening, with some songs really highlighting how much this band kicks-ass. Get it, try it on because it's certainly worth it.

(Thanks to Vesi for letting me hear it :B)


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