April 27, 2008

Take Five

I'm currently working on an array of Character Concept art for my Portfoilio, it's proving alittle less fun than I'd hoped so I've been toying about inbetween- doodling and sketching some silly things during my breaks (speaking of which, I'm done for tonight! Cup of tea time 8D)

I've just started messing around with Corel Painter, well, a watered down version I got free with my Cintiq. I'm still not entirely used to the Cintiq, I feel slow and have to spend alot of time reaching behind the screen for a single keyboard stroke(Though that's thanks to me not having a proper desk.) However, Painter is a great program, have used it alittle before. I'm planning to use it to break in my Cintiq properly, hopefully it won't take me too long to get used to it.

Futurama has always had an influence on Felicity. Although I'm not sure what exactly gave me the ideas that formed Felicity, I know that Futurama was an obvious inspiration for time period and location. Hell even the main characters? Two 'Humans' and a robot.
Anyways, I owe alot of laughs during a very dark time to Futurama. So yet another Groening styled tribute, plus drawing your own characters in another style never gets old.



Avatar_pwnz said...

"looks like someone is saying hello, why if isn't avatar pownes."

Great drawings!

Ragen Fury said...

With the cintiq you can set the hot keys to perform your keystrokes for certain programs, if you know this then Im wasting your time but if you didn't you go to "Wacom tablet properties", select functions in the tool menu then press the + sign in the application menu and add your program. then in express keys tab you choose the button you want to change and set it to "keystroke" and input your key combination for example "Ctrl+Z" and then you're all set. it saves you having to keep reaching for the ol' keyboard.