May 02, 2008


Just abit of a doodle-dump, for lack of a better expression. I've been busy with my parttime job, the character artwork I mentioned earlier and alot of Felicity stuff inbetween. Not to mention GTA IV coming out on tuesday there- multiplayer with friends is alooot of fun and I'm not even a big GTA fan.


Earthworm Jim is making a comeback, which is only a good thing. This doodle above was sitting randomly on a page so I figured I'd shove it up here. I don't recall alot of EWJ other than it was hard and the graphics at the time were mind-bending.

Having checked up on that since has proven I was correct. But man- the character itself is just such an awesome concept, the artwork in the game is so beautiful and the animation is way better than any game I've since since to be honest. No wonder I loved it so much as a kid, though I feel I can appreciate it more now. Here's hoping his comeback is as good as it ought-to be.

Lastly then I found the same pages to be sporting the odd Pokemon doodle. Anyone who knows me will know I love the world of Pokemon, always have since that magical first encounter with Pokemon Red as a 9 year old boy. Bulbasaur is one of my favorite pokes, despite me never having actually had one in my team(I have a tradition of Fire-Starters). I think I always just loved the idea of the Pokemon- plus he kicked so much ass in the cartoon.

Here's to you, Number 1!


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Anonymous said...

Wow dude, I was looking online for some EWJ reference pictures becuase I'm planning on animating a walk cycle of Jim for my animation class. I stubbed upon your drawing and it looks great dude, I love it. Wonderful job, I adore your approach to creating a new design and style for the character and on a side note, props on the new Banjo Kazooie, my heart is melting in anticipation too