May 20, 2008

The Noose

Man, am I bad at this.
I'm sorry. I can't seem to commit to uploading something daily. I guess it's just as I've spent time reshuffling my priorities of late. I have Felicity Issue one just begging to be finished and I've finally been able to open my eyes to that.

It's all I'm going to concentrate on for the next month, I cannot see it taking anylonger than that. I've really missed Felicity and I know that my absence from it wasn't entirely forced on me- to say that; I chose it in a way. I could have finished it when I didn't. I let life get in the way, I struggled to manage my priorities. I mean- I was trying to get a portfoilio together of artwork, I still am- and it's so difficult to then say 'Right. Do I just leave Felicity behind 'till I do this? or do both? Or just do Felicity?' And the amount that I want the comic finished made that decision really hard to make.

But now I've decided that work for my portfoilio, my partime job and eating and sleeping are the only things allowed to take time from the comic until it's done. I never make promises, because I'm always afraid sometime down the line I'll break them but I'm going to make one here. I promise I'll do my best to get Felicity Issue one done, fully completed.

: D

On that note!

I wanted to upload this one to my Deviantart but the friends that I showed it to didn't really get what was happening. So I'll stick it up here and explain what's happening.

Inspired firstly by alot of music band promotional shots- that sort of random pose in an instant thing that the majority of photoshoots seem to involve. I've seen shots of people putting a bucket on their head, or tying their jacket to another members jacket and then- a couple of times- imitating hanging themselves with a tie or neck scarf.

Why they do it, is probably just out of boredom/randomness/wanting to stand out. I know that within my own band- I want photos that say we're fun. I don't like serious photos. So that's the second inspiration. I love character in poses- I love charmisa and quirkyness. Stiffness or lack of expression leads us to all look the same. So I wanted a 'photo' that'd break that mould alittle.

Lastly, and the main inspiration- was simply a shot that showed character. These guys aren't just designs anymore- they've got personalities and habits. I want to show that alittle more where I can. So I'd think that this shot shows a sort of familyness- a bond. It shows Mountys alittle uncomfortable and maybe not terribly happy to be there, which is exactly his character. He doesn't enjoy attention.

99 on the other hand is gasping for attention, so much so that she's pulled her neck scarf tight and is breaking her body sideways just to get it. She loves the camera- but she's a fun loving spirit aswell, she just loves having a laugh.

T-gate. Well, I think he always comes across with a sense of no-clue-what's-happening.



Avatar_pwnz said...

Haha, Good to hear that you are committed to it this month to finish. Also that picture is cute rofl.

Allison Marcellus said...

T-Gate is amazing.

Anonymous said...

"but the friends that I showed it to didn't really get what was happening."

olol thats me :BB


TWULF (Adam Law) said...

Well you and a few others :aheuh:
And cheers guys, Thank you Allison : D