May 23, 2008

12 Years Young

Might eventually cell this one up.
I'll keep mum on the details, although I couldn't really spoil too much of Felicity with them.

A quick glimpse at a twelve year old 99 and the rest of the Fox Family. I've done a few similar family portraits over the past year or so- had been a while since I did an up-to-date one.

A thing to note- the Zepher plushie(Zepher, the main protagonist of Broken Falcon) who in the world of Felicity is the mascot of a popular kids TV show.
Chasity is a dog lover, a love that started with her own dog- seen here. The dog is named 'Zowie' after a friends own dog of the same breed.

Lastly- although not known by many- you can see another favorite of 99s- Strawberry milkshake. You'll notice she drinks alot of the stuff as Felicity goes on.



Avatar_pwnz said...

My dog owns all other dogs~!

Andrew "Ciono" Leonard said...

I love the Zepher plushie. It's so cool to be able to reference your own other series like that. I'm loving these glimpses at back story. :-)

Bug said...

That'sa brilliant picture,but why does the Mother look so sad? The Old man looks awesome (Though old enough to be the Mother's Dad!) and I love the dog :D

TWULF (Adam Law) said...

Yo Andrew! Thanks alot for the comment man- yeah I find it alot of fun to squeeze in references to other stuff where I can. Even in Issue 1 alone expect to spot alot of cameos.
And Bug, She doesn't look sad! D: That's a smile man- a smile.