June 06, 2008

Speed Paint(er) Go Go Go!

Very early on in Felicitys character designing stage- I did occasional 'realistic' renders of the characters. It was simply to try and help define the characters as I was finding my feet in the new style I'd begun to create. Whilst I've not maintained a constant 'realistic' rendering of all the main characters- I seem to have done one speed paint of 99 per year. So I figured I'd upload them here.

2006 - Earliest version of 99 sported a ponytail at one end of her hair aswell as this sort of Misty-like side tuft. This is extremely faithful to the look of the 2006 99 and bares resemblance to Elizabeth Hurley who was one of the first inspirations for her look.

2007 - As far as I can recall, this was latter half of 2007. It sports 99s more defined hairstyle(which was first implemented in 'Volume 325', the banner at the top of the site). It's way too heavy on the eyemake-up but I think it conveys a far more defined personality than the one prior.

2008 - The lastest of the speed paints, simply did it to continue on the tradition. Subtle tweaks and differences are noteable here. However, 99s visual development reached the end of its cycle by the tailend of 2007. The biggest changes to her character since then were personality and similar non physical attributes.

My Cintiq, as you can see- made this a hell of alot smoother than in the past- I used exactly the same techniques.

Still alive! Just heavy on the Felicity Comic workload right now :V



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Andrew "Ciono" Leonard said...

I really like the smirk on the most recent one. Has quite a bit of attitude. I also really like the lighting.