June 15, 2008

Teach Her How To Cook Eggs.

Metal Gear Solid 4 hit on friday there, I think. I'm not really that huge a MGS player- but I am a fan. I love the artwork, the designs, the games stories and cutscenes. I just suck ever so badly at playing it.

If like me, you don't and never will have a PS3- I found this guy on Youtube. He uploads each cutscene as he plays through the game- allowing you in on the story. Which, so far is incredible.

I thought Old Snake would be crap- but he's just the same badass character we all love. 'Cept- to be honest, I think being old makes him even better.

I'm still going strong with Felicity- I'll try to throw in a couple more updates before I'm finished.
Still another two weeks or so left in it I'd say.


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Avatar_pwnz said...

'If like me, you don't and never will have a PS3'

Oh man! That's pretty intense!