August 23, 2008

Pew Pew Pew

I did this back in April/May. For whatever reason I never uploaded it to my Deviant Art, so just before it becomes too old- I'll throw it up on here.

No 'theme' to this piece. It was an exercise in pose and weight and also a chance to explore 2500s NYC fashion. The future is bright, the future certainly is orange.

Why orange? Besides her whites and reds, Chase seems to suit oranges the best. I tried alot of different colors(not on this outfit but in general experiments)and she always came out best in orange. I'm told that your hair color, tone of skin and even face structure can determine what colors look best on you- so perhaps that's why it works.


Gotta be one of the only times I've drawn her without a belt. Interesting.

The comic is like, pretty much finished. I've got one last day to give a final push of victoryz.
It's taken longer to finish it than I had expected(Obviously since I haven't yet said so) but I am getting there.

I'll tell you what though- I can't wait to start Issue 2, I can't see myself taking much of a break before I do so.



Celes said...

Aww, she's looking adorable there.

Avatar_pwnz said...

*mother ship sounds*

Anonymous said...

This is my faaaaavourite picture of her ever.

ChaosEmerl said...

That looks pretty awesome.