March 01, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Arch Nemesis of The Magpie, Lil'Rabbit! Hadn't done an updated colour reference of him for quite a while. More to say if I weren't so tired, may edit later.



Ben Hickling said...

That's a badass picture, dude!

Stephen Mooney said...

Hey Adam, my name is Stephen Mooney, I'm one of the yahoos over on the Eclectic Micks site. Just wanted to say I loved the image you did for our blog, and then when I visited your deviantart site I saw loads more sterling work. Love your design sense, colourwork and the playful nature of your characters. If you ever want any advice on anything comics-wise(not that I know that much...) or need any contacts, shoot me a mail, man.

TWULF (Adam Law) said...

Thanks dude! Hopefully have the time this year to try out some actiony stuff involving this character.

Hey Stephen,
Thanks for the kind words, I've discovered pretty quickly that the (Irish atleast!) comic artists have a tremendous sense of community and it has been amazing to have artists like yourself and the rest of the Micks gang aswell as PJ being so open with helping me and offering that extra bit of 'golden' knowledge. I really appreciate the offer and the support.

Stephen Mooney said...

Ha, you mean PJ isn't trying to sabotage your career? Wonders will never cease!
Kidding of course, yep the community is one of the saving graces in this gig. Certainly a very lonely profession. Made up for the fact that we get paid actual cash-money to draw dudes hitting other dudes with cars.

TWULF (Adam Law) said...

Yeah, it's funny- I hear some stories about PJ and his hulk smash mode but he's been amazing to me! He has pimped my work out to some very important people and been dishing out a lot of advice and guidance. Maybe there's a secret plan beneath it all? Either way I'm grateful, it's such a great comfort to know in such a competitive industry you can reach out to professionals to tap into that knowledge, it really is invaluable, you guys need to find some way to get reward for it. They don't teach you that stuff.

DrNightmare said...

Finally I see a solid colored pic of this guy! ;)

I'll see if I can start gathering parts to make a toy of this fuzzy wuzzy