September 28, 2008

Big Blue.

He needs no introduction. Just a decent new game.
A superbly quick doodle of Sonic. I've picked up his Bioware DS outing and so far.. mixed results. In some ways it's a brilliant game- I love the fact the characters have been given fleshed out personalities and actually seem different to one another- Love how it looks.

But I can't really say I'm a fan of some of the ideas behind the combat. It seems to me that it's just way too hard.
I've had special moves(which take pinpoint precision with the stylus to execute)miss or fail on me despite executing them correctly. It takes its random 'you missed even though there's no way to control that' liberty way past the line and I just can't find alot of fun in the combat.

As a kid though, I was a huge sonic fan (fandom that lasted up until Sonic Adventure 2, which in my opinion was the last good Sonic game) and I'd actually made a Sonic RPG myself with RPGtoolkit. I always loved the idea. So I think that's why I get an extra kick out of this.

I'll tell you something- It's the only Sonic game I've played in years that actually makes me remember why I like Sonic. That is an amazing feat.


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