March 29, 2009

Lil' Rabbit

I'm real short on words at the mo, or rather the effort to create them : (.
So, a doodle-

Magpies Arch Nemesis! A color concept AT last. Time for some chillaxin' then back to Felicity.



Celes said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea, certainly not the obvious choice for an arch-nemesis that's for sure.

Avatar_pwnz said...

Reminds me of the Joker from the New animated series they did for him, not the one where he teemed up with other superheroes

Gordon Brown said...

Good stuff! Really like this unusual design. Felicity is awesome too, keep up the good work.

Ross Burt said...

oh man, who told u i like rabbits? WHO TOLD U?? :) quality piece, and i just noticed u have a cool signature too. dammnit.

Anonymous said...

id there going to be a Magpie comic?

and, what type of villain is this? a mysterious curse on the city [like slade] or a crazy strong berserker?

i know he LOOKS like a berserker, but you can't all ways tell just by looks.