October 06, 2009

On da' way!

Just wanted to drop a blog entry in to stop the lack of blog entries running any further. I've got some stuff I've set aside for the blog that I'll be uploading tomorrow. I've been neglecting to update of late because I have to use Chrome as my browser, as the latest version of Firefox seems to be completely crapola. Problem is when I upload an image to my blog via Chrome I can't dynamicly resize it(And it'd be too small to have a look at if I just made it blog-friendly-sized.) So basically I have to cut and paste code from previous blog entries and it's something I can't do unless I feel like I can be bothered(Which by the time I go to make blog entries, is almost never.) If there is anybody who happens to know how to fix this or knows why blogger suddenly stopped resizing images for me automatically then help a noob out please. There's Good Karma in it for you.

But yeah, I feel bad about not bothering, it's not like I haven't got loads of stuff to show. I has a fail.


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