July 23, 2010

See you in August!

Just a final update here before my Lockdown on Issue 3 begins. Basically, Lockdown means, I'll be neglecting all aspects of my internet hotspots (besides vital elements like email) aswell as no longer taking time out to play games or indulge in any of my recreational habits- instead devoting all my freetime to working on Issue 3.

I always find doing this so very tricky at the beginning, especially when I feel I'm not performing so well but it's always a vital part of each issue as it teaches me to better my understanding of constraints and limitations. Ofcourse once I get through the first week- the ball is rolling and the progress I make the following weeks just can't maintain momentum with any distractions coming to play. Issue 3 has been plagued with brand new problems previous Issues haven't suffered from- mainly my lack of confidence as an artist and in the previous work I was producing for it. It's because of that, I feel the August release date may be too optimistic but I'm still shooting for it. I got Issue 2 done in a similar timeframe and that was with even less knowledge that I have now. I know atleast that the problem of confidence is no longer apparent- certainly not to the same degree, I'll be approaching Issue 3 with no such critical eyes on my work.

At any rate! It's go time. I won't be drawing anything other than Felicity content for the next month straight, with my part-time soul-draining job being the only exception. So I thought I'd just throw down some work-

Broken Falcon has been going smoothly behind the scenes as I slowly connect the dots. I have a game-plan for its long overdue debut that will begin strong once Issue 3 is out the door. Broken Falcon debut will be a digital-only comic(Will never be in Print)and as such will be presented in a new way from Felicity.

Well, I'm off to drink tea and be merry, Lockdown officially begins on Saturday!


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sarah said...

Lol, I know what you mean about the part-time soul-draining job. I've had a few jobs that made me want to bang my head agents the wall. And the thing is I have to find a job now because I'm not making money :( I wish I know how to make a living off my artwork.