April 21, 2012


A very long time ago I used to play Neverwinter Nights pretty much every weekend, with a regular party of mates. We'd play user made 'modules' which were essentially brand new stories and areas to explore and we'd role-play along the way. One of the party members was an artist, with a wealth of experience in modding the game, including re-writing scripts to allow for new features and injecting his own user-made content like models. He (after a very vast amount of badgering from me) eventually created a model based on my old character at the time; Zepher.

To this day it's still one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me, having my own character in the game was like a dream come true at the time. As I was developing my comic for Zepher; Broken Falcon I was also using this freshly made model in our NeverWinter Party. This led to me creating two separate versions of the character with some overlapping story elements. 'NWN' Zepher was much more hard-edge and world weary and from role-playing the character I was able to craft insane amounts of lore and fiction towards my comic.

As it happens, the artist responsible for the model popped up on my blog here recently, inspiring me to feel a bit nostalgic and design 'NWN' Zepher as he'd exist today, were we still going on those adventures!


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