January 12, 2013

Who you gona' call?

I painted these last year for a merchandise company to add to their Doctor Who line of prints, I'm fairly sure that I won't be paid or see them as prints now due to the guy handling my input there stopping all contact with me since then. Yay freelancing!
So here they are!

Maybe it'll still work out!



charco said...

These look savage, man. That sucks that you didn't get paid...did he manage to get high res versions off you before ceasing contact?

I love the woodblock look on these, as I said before. The Ood in particular :)

Adam Law said...

Thanks man!
Oh yes indeed. I was in close contact with him for months, we'd spoken at length on many phonecalls and had a plan set in motion regarding payment. Then he disappeared, perhaps he was touched by a Weeping Angel.