August 04, 2011

Valley Of The Flood Linkette Cosplay


The design has since also been cosplayed by PrincessLycoris and Tiny-Bunny-Trouser.

My concept for a Female Hero who'd star in a never-to-exist Zelda title has enjoyed a bizarrely vast amount of Zelda fan appreciation and in the past has been lovingly crafted into three dimensions by my good friend Nils, now it has been brought to life for real, as crafted and worn here by Nsomniacartist.

She has some record of production over at her blog, which makes for an interesting read- especially when it comes to the crafting of the props like the Master Sword. So interesting to see her break down my design elements into an actual working costume and I found it really inspiring to see how seemingly simple it is to craft such cool looking props(I want to make my own shield!)

It's something of a relief from a character design point of view to have knowledge that you 'did good' on your concepts and created something that works in 3D(Although I'm certain most if not all the credit for 'realizing' any part of the design goes squarely to the cosplayer.) Having had the pleasure of seeing a few of my designs in three-dimesions I do get quite overexcited when the process validates my design choices and translates well. I'm sure there was lots of tweaking involved to get this design to work in reality but never the less it feels really cool to see it look as good as it does.

Thanks for all the Zelda fans who dug the concept. I wanted a design that would represent a strong, deadly character and not just to stick boobs on Link and put on the skimpiest outfit possible. I'm most proud that, amongst all the attention the piece got, most comments recognised and appreciated that effort.


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