August 01, 2011

Visual Thought

I'm beginning the visual thinking on a short story I'm doing upon completing Issue 3, I'm a ways off finishing that but I want to arrive at a strong conclusion for my visual elements on this story as it'll be brief- I want it to be memorable.

For this project I decided it might be worth my while rendering my ideas in 'realism' atleast, realism compared to what my work has become. I'm still learning to understand the economy of lines and the magic of simplistic stylised art- and it's been something of a focus for me in the last year. For my work on this short story- I felt that maybe I should work with more detail- give myself more room and THEN translate my design to my eventual presentation. It's been an interesting approach to my character design and depending on how all of my concepts go, one I may use more often down the line.

These are early designs. She's a Pirate and a Scroundel who gets tangled into the main characters story and hopefully by time I'm done, she'll clearly be giving "Female Han Solo" vibes.


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Anonymous said...

She reminds me of a cross between Lightning from FF13 mixed with the "space cowboy" look Han Solo popularized and Firefly popularized even more so.