March 12, 2013

New Project - Concepts

I've been working on a Zelda-inspired project called 'The Journey' for quite a while and despite putting a lid on the story and design, I had decided I would shelve it for now, mostly because I couldn't meet my ambition for it just yet.

In the months since I saw the show Avatar - The Last Airbender which fell so perfectly in line with the worlds I had imagined for 'The Journey'. Some of that inspiration prompted me to expand on what I already had on the table and it has birthed a few ideas- one of which is playing with the notion of side-stories that might connect in some way with my eventual plans for 'The Journey'.
Additionally, one of my oldest projects and first ever world-building attempt was a story called 'Broken Falcon' which starred a bird-race who were driven to the edge of extinction by a powerful modern enemy. The designs above are the bringing-together of those two ideas into a new short story.

Early days an'dat.
This will be realized, whenever I can, as a short comic. I still don't feel ready to do 'The Journey' justice but I need to scratch my itch for a Zelda tribute and if I can nod my hat to the excellence found in Avatar - The Last Airbender all at the same time, then it'll be for better!


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cure bad breath said...

your animation is so cute. what would be the story behind these characters?