March 03, 2013

Small Steps!

I find myself someone who nearly always focuses on all of my failings before any success. I don't think of myself as pessimistic but never an optimist either! At any rate, what matters in this journey more than anything is to remember the small victories. That's why I'll be making record of any I make along the way so I can look back when I feel glum!

First of which this year is a small feature on Crisp Comics which tries its best to share indie and creator owned comics with the world, I was chuffed to be asked if they could feature Felicity and I know it's not exactly TIME magazine but it feels really nice to know there's a reader who cared enough to think of featuring it.

It's right here!



Christine said...

Glad that you liked the article and thank you for answering my questions. You have a good thing going on with the comic.

stop tonsil stones said...

you really are a good animator.