June 08, 2013


So since deciding I was going to do a Magpie comic(which I'm starting work on in the latter half of 2013)I've been tweaking and developing the character design alongside brainstorming the script. It's been a very on and off thing, in between all of the work dividing my attention right now but it's also been pretty fun! My Magpie design was always one I was pretty happy with and is certainly my most popular character on DeviantArt so it's been a new kind of experience to try to evolve the design, given I've already had some people voice opposition at certain design tweaks I wanted to make(over the top eye-goggles seem to be a design feature I really shouldn't change.)

It's been really interesting too because I've found myself needing to make some edits because the design must now be informed by the narrative. Example! I did a redesign a little while back that I was going to try to stick to- one of the new additions to this redesign was a much more sporty-shoe heel to her boots. The idea was that her costume should be althletic and not get in the way of her momentum and freedom when moving- something I'd established early on would be a definite aspect to how I would show the character in action. As I started to develop the various scenarios in the script I was left with a pretty common problem of the character needing to get from her house to Lisburn, or Belfast or any place that you'd basically need a car to get to. This was when I introduced Roller-blades to the character which quickly became one of my favourite things about the visual element to the design- the action scenes and abilities the roller-blades give her in the script will be a really awesome and unique aspect to the book when I get to drawing it. I'm looking forward to that!



Shivers said...

I've gotta admit, I'm liking the idea of action scenes involving roller-blades. This is just a suggestion but would'nt it be more convenient for Magpie to have boots that worked like regular shoes but had a way of ejecting wheels from a compartment on the soles of said boot. That way she wouldn't have to worry about any unnecessary falls lol

Adam Law said...

Hey, that's already how it works in the book! Who could ever forget the wheelies craze!

Shivers said...

Oh lol my mistake. Ahhh yeah, I remember those darned wheelies. Childhood was made that much more awesome when you added wheels to it. I believe I had the cheap knock offs where you had to unscrew the wheels if you wanted them off :/