December 07, 2013

Small World

Out of all the 'timewasting' websites and social media you can expose yourself to nowadays, there is one I feel is more useful than many give it credit.


It's not just food pictures and self-indulgence, far from it!
As a creative, Twitter is the ultimate source of inspiration, advice and promotion.

Ever since I joined twitter, the working comic professionals on there have been nothing but helpful and supportive. I've been able to talk at length with them about every intimate detail of pitching your own comic to the daily life you can expect if you're successful. Simply by tweeting them to ask. They're open and honest and always willing to share the information you might of thought was a 'secret'. I can't recommend it enough for networking with those who have earned a seat in the halls you're aiming for.

As a teenager I felt like Northern Ireland was a dead end for comics and it wasn't until I joined twitter a few years ago that I realised we actually have so many talented working professionals here and even more down South. Not only are there so many, I also quickly learnt they're not out for blood; they actually want to help each other succeed.

So thanks to Twitter, not just a waste of time!

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