December 07, 2013

Yogscast Simon DLC

The UKs most watched Youtube channel; The Yogscast are doing a charity drive this month in aid of Special Effect, a UK based charity that specialises in providing support for gamers who aren't as able-bodied.

A really cool part of this drive is a piece of Downloadable content for SONIC & ALL STARS RACING TRANSFORMED for PC(a game I highly recommend)that puts Yogscast favourite - Simon Lane, right into the game as a playable character. It's extra cool because I've been working with Studio Flashback on the videogame Yogscast And The Mystical Dream Tower and for the charity character they have used our design. Think I speak for everyone at Flashback that helped to design the characters- we're chuffed to have added in some small way to a piece of special content going towards an amazing cause.

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