May 25, 2014

New Horizons.

This is a quick announcement blog marking that as of today I'm going to stop work on my webcomic Felicity. For the foreseeable future.

I wanted to make this a blog post in case any one was interested in why I've decided to do this as it's for a couple of reasons.

Firstly I want to state how great doing a webcomic is, regardless of where you feel like your skill level is. As a comic artist, I've got everything left to learn but everything I do know; I learnt through the practical experience earned from doing a web comic.

I hate that people don't give webcomics the respect they deserve, I have nothing but admiration for webcomic artists who consistently perform and deliver. It is extremely hard work.
It's often done between jobs, for free and usually by one person doing a teams work. It requires discipline and determination- it takes a lot to give up a well-earned night off just to get another page ready for the following week.

So if you're on the fence about creating a webcomic I would always encourage it because the qualities it will bring out in you make the difference. It can bring so much to the table, it allows you to test ideas and tweak them, to evolve and shape a story and to understand where you're going wrong. I may be giving up on my own but it will never be because I don't value them.

Its hardships can be numerous and failure to gather an audience is one of the toughest aspects of maintaining a webcomic.

That's one of the reasons I'm putting Felicity to bed- and I want to say, I've had a handful of readers that I want to thank, they made the difference when it counted, they made some pages happen. But projecting work to an empty room takes its toll, both on a person and the work itself.

The other reason is that increasingly I am shorter on time and I want to achieve certain things in my life that right now, I just can't. Ending Felicity gives me more time. Time I can put into a brighter future- to thoughtful approach and execution. I have ambitions to soar the clouds and having six years of webcomic experience under my belt, I KNOW I have the determination to get there.

A fresh start.

I know I've tread this path before and I have battled with this a few times! But this is for real. I'm no longer held back by that sense of 'having more to say', like I have previously. I feel like the time is right to move on and leave it behind now for good.

Thanks, more than you can know, if you read the comic.
I sincerely hope you come back when I use this time to create the next one.



Anonymous said...

All the best Adam! I'm personally sad to see Felicity go, but we all wish you nothing but success in the paths you choose in the upcoming future! Keep up updated! :)

Cameron Stevens said...


Robit said...

There's an explitive I want to clearly state in this comment, but for the sake of respect for your page and others, I will subtly imply, poop. It takes a considerable amount of gonads to do what you just did, and I couldn't respect you more for it. 6 years of work into one of the most captivating books I've ever read; a one man wrecking team, taking on and transitionin into any means deemed necessary for the sake of the story's continuation and the envelope-pushing steez of your own capabilities, but above all else, knowing when it's time to stop, and actually doing so. I'll have to take a page, or several for that matter, from your book my friend. And perhaps it's the plague of most, if not all indie artists, having to project work to an empty room; God I couldn't have said that better lol. I'm sure the we, your fans and friends alike, look forward to what you do next. Cheers, Mr. Law.

Adam Law said...

Thanks guys.

I appreciate it, thanks for sticking with!

Thanks for reading it Cam! Tracy always let me know you were interested and it helped fuel the fire, I really do appreciate it.

Thanks Chad, you've always been too kind about Felicity- I'm honoured that you regarded it so highly.
I also understand the weight of your words as you know all too well the work put into ventures like these and I appreciate the support!
I plan to take a leaf out of your book and work hard to promote the next book when it's completed- actually get off my ass for the cause!

Serviced Apartments Resident said...

Nooooo! Such a shame. Well good luck with all your other projects Adam, you'll soar, I'm sure of it!