October 06, 2014

14h-ish Comic Book Day

October 4th was 24H Comic Book Day and I set out to do work for it.

I know what to avoid doing next year(like changing my mind half way through)but eventually I started to make up and draw a Magpie comic as I went along. I didn't get too far in the end but hey- it's SOMETHING.

The vibe of this comic is pretty generic-saturday morning cartoon, the sort of super hero comic you could just swap out the villain and hero with any other and it'd work. This is in jest of how badly I have struggled with doing something ORIGINAL with Magpie behind the scenes and also how serious my latest scripts for the project have been.

I only spent around 14 straight hours on this comic and let me tell you, it's super challenging. Will be doing something much more complete next year.

1 comment:

Robit said...

I know that it may be a little annoying to see, but to be honest, I actually really dig how sudden the book just comes to a stand still. I've been wanting to do the 24 comic schpeal for a minute, I've read some stuff before that is wild!