November 01, 2014

Collab Comic

I have a very basic idea for a comic, the main influence being Bucky O'Hare. The idea remains basic enough that the potential for directions it can go is still vastly wide open. What I'd like to do with it going forward, is to develop it alongside someone else- to bounce ideas off and to help introduce new directions for that potential. And then build it together.

Ultimately what is most important to me is getting along with a collaborator- I don't expect or want to have the exact same interests but sharing most will help.The elements key to this project being - a sense of humour, a love for Sci-Fi and 80s/90s TV shows and most importantly- being kid-friendly. Not a 'tailor made for kids' story but a story with no prominent swearing, gore, nudity or drugs and the like. As a point of reference- we could look to something like The Simpsons for a guide on how much these more adult themes would be present.

If it sounds interesting to you so far- I'd just ask to show me some of the work you've already done. Especially if you feel it fits the themes above, but if it fits any one of them individually- that's fine too. I'd love it if you had anything funny to show. You also don't need to be a published writer but if you're not, I'd prefer it if you have some experience making comics or webcomics to show me. Lastly, if you do both art and writing- that's cool too! Feel free to drop links or refs to those in the comments section here or through Twitter(@Twulfster) if you don't have an account here.

Oh and if you could answer the following questions-

Favourite Comic?

Favourite Animated TV Show?

Favourite Animated Movie?

For some down-the-line-details. This comic would eventually materialise as a single issue, 15-20 pages long but with legs to expand depending on what happens! There'd be no payment required for the artwork and there would be no payment provided for the writing- this is a passion project designed(hopefully)to help expose two wannabe creators and to just enjoy making something fun together.

The nature of my workload is unpredictable so it may be a while before I have the time to start committing to this but I want to at least extend the offer now as development can be spread out over small pockets of time.

Lastly- I don't wish to waste any ones time; which is why I'm asking to see work you've already done, and not for anyone to create something new. If you have work to show me and I don't take it further I want to say ahead of time that it will almost certainly be because I don't see it fitting in with the idea as it is right now. I hate the thought of having to turn people down or away because I have so much respect for anyone who takes a passion like this far enough to create anything- But I know ultimately- if I want to develop an idea with someone, it needs to feel like we're on the same page.

Anyways! Hopefully I can at the very least meet some new creators and check out and follow their work.

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J.N. Monk said...

I wasn't quite sure where to leave this. So I'll do it here and on dA. Here's a link to work I've written and edited. I'd like to direct your attention to Grovers, Topside and Gesundheit in addition to the StarHammer Pitch Bible & StarHammer #1 in the Things I've Written folder.

Favorite comic(s): Brian K Vaughn's original Runaways run.

Favorite animated TV show(s): Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hey Arnold!, Thundarr the Barbarian

Favorite Animated Movie(s): Wreck-it-Ralph, The Incredibles, Brave Little Toaster